A very warm welcome to you!

This week I would like to share a few pictures of our residents having a jolly old time, singing dancing and making music!!



029         056


As you can see, we have had a good week, with plenty of fun activities and smiles.

We have now got a good selection of musicals by Rodgers and Hammerstein  available for watching, this will be a wonderful source of entertainment for our residents and relatives and friends too should they wish to come and watch with their loved ones

As mentioned last week, Jane was going to help to create some email accounts for our residents, this has been very successful and a number of our residents now have email accounts. If you are a friend or relative and would like to email, please contact Jane, or email Emma email@annabelhouse.co.uk and I will pass the message along.

As always we have been keeping the home neat and up to date, with the lounge carpets being given a good deep clean, and some touch up paint work being carried out this week.

All in all a good week has been had by all here. Have a good week, stay warm and dry and enjoy!

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