Friday the 3rd March


We would like to give a big warm welcome to our 2 new voluntary workers, Maria and Jess who have been a fantastic help over the past week or so, giving their time freely to help with activities and caring.

Theresa is our newest member of care staff, having just moved back to Weston from Carlisle, and we have taken on our first ever apprentice. 

The residents seem to have taken to them all very well, and they are all fitting in as part of the family.

We have also had a couple of new people come to stay here at Annabel House, who have settled in well.

We have had lots of social events going on at Annabel House for our residents over the past few weeks, and still more to look forward to.

With the weather taking a turn for the better, some of our residents have had wonderful days out in Weston making the most of the sunshine.

Jane has been busy creating a website for( and with)the residents – if you would like to have a look feel free to log on to

Its not only the residents that have been out and about over the past week or so… Our Matron Jean, was invited to the mayors ball on the 12th March, and after much gown searching and excitement, had a wonderful evening of dancing, eating and socialising.


How wonderful she looked too.

Finally a very happy birthday to Graham, Mary, Bill and Sylvia who have had, or will be celebrating their birthdays over the month.

Take care and we will be updating you soon


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