IMG_7579Annabel House`s layout offers a very homely environment that makes the transition to the life in a Nursing Home easier for new Residents as there is a sense of familiarity to the Home.

Our residents have the choice of the use of three lounges to suit their mood. We have a quiet lounge, a T.V lounge and we also have a piano in one of the lounges for our residents to play and for the visits from the local pianist who provides weekly entertainment.

In our dining room, Residents can enjoy three nutritionally balanced meals a day. Extra fluids and snacks are given throughout the day, and any specialised dietary needs can be met. It has an open spacious, but homely feel for those who wish to eat here. Assistance is given to those who have difficulty in maintaining their independence with eating and drinking. Families can, if they wish, join their relative for lunch in the dining room.

Our fully furnished bedrooms are safe, comfortable, practical, and designed to be personalised. Each door has a space for their name and photograph to enable them to identify their own environment. Each Resident is encouraged to bring personal items into their rooms, such as photographs and pictures to create a familiar and homely space to live in. All bedrooms have a call bell system to ensure help and attention is available 24hours a day.

There are specialised bathrooms, besides bedrooms having ensuite facilities. Specialised hoists, chairs and bath hoist equipment are available.

Residents are encouraged to dress in the appropriate clothing, of their personal choice, and all personal laundry is undertaken on the premises.

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