Permanent Care

Simply put, long term care provides residents with care and support in a dedicated environment when they decide that the time has come to make the step away from their own home. At Annabel House, we firmly believe that this is just another stage on an individual’s life journey. The move to a care home opens up a whole range of new opportunities and avenues for our residents to explore.


Respite Care

Respite Care is the ideal option for somebody who normally lives at home with the care and support of a family member or loved one. Perhaps the carer requires hospital treatment or even a short break? In that case the individual can stay at our home for a period of respite care. This can range from one or two nights to a week or a fortnight – the length of time is entirely up to you. The carer and the individual can rest safe in the knowledge that their care needs will be met by friendly and professional staff. Many people who choose Annabel House for respite care subsequently decide that is the home for them when they look for longer term care.


Convalescent Care

Sometimes, when an individual has spent time in hospital for an operation or illness, they will benefit from a period of convalescent care in a care home before moving back to their own residence. Again, the length of time is determined by the needs of the individual, not by a set “package”. With the support of a professional multidisciplinary care team, the individual can concentrate on rest and recuperation in a safe and homely environment.